GMA Reveals: Solving Puzzles Cures Earworms!

What is an earworm and why do I need to cure it?

Watching Good Morning America today and Lara Spencer revealed that science has now discovered a cure for earworms, the annoying song stuck on repeat in your skull. I didn’t know we actually had a term for that but glad to know we do and even happier for a cure.

I’m 48, white, and father to a 13 yr. old son, 11 yr. old daughter and a 6 yr. old daughter. This tells you that I am not the target audience of any of todays young “artists”.  I’m fine until we get in the car and one of the older ones aggressivley assumes control of the stereo.  Off goes Boston sports radio, on comes annoying hits like “Call Me Maybe”, “Never Ever Getting Back Together” or one of a host of invasive Bruno Mars songs that seem to cycle every 3 minutes.  Now I don’t dislike Carly Rae Jepson, Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars. I’m a sap for Swift’s “Back to December” though horrified by that fact.  I just don’t need these teen oriented acts performing endlessly in my head which is lacking quality real estate as it is.

Good Earworms?

Even acts I really like can get sour if they are ringing like fire alarms in my head for 48 hours.  Lyin’ Eyes by the Eagles is a great song unless my head gets a hold of it and puts it on a loop.  By the end of the 4th hour I am making up my own words and turning great songs into X-Rated swear fests where the actual words have the misfortune of rhyming with common cuss parlance.

The Cure: (not the band….oh no Just Like Heaven has entered my tiny lizard brain)

According to Lara Spencer sitting perkily at the GMA newsdesk, solving puzzles is how you evict Justin Bieber from your head assuming you are like me and want him gone, now.  You are going to have to trust me on this as the GMA web-site has nothing about it as of now so I cannot link you directly to the story. I smell cover-up.  I will however link you to some recent studies on the subject here from the Telegraph. 

In my pain staking research for this story I found even music afficionados like Alan Cross suffer from this insideous condition.  Cross dropped a piece on this around 7 hours ago, so it’s not just me who’s happy.

I have downloaded Lumosity, a site dedicated to improving your brain through puzzles and challenges. I suggest you do the same if we have any hope as a society.  As soon as this Pulitzer worthy piece is submitted I will be ejecting Theme from Spiderman from the hard-drive that is at the moment my brain.

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