Ipswich Honors Night Dishonored, Hurt Feelings Blamed

Fox 25 News here in Boston reported this morning that a principal at a middle school in Ipswich MA, has cancelled Honor’s Night, an Ipswich tradition recognizing students who so far, have shown superiority in the brains department.  Evidently, if the kid has studied hard, maintained a Hawking like grade point average, and stayed out of bullying detention, they and their parents are rewarded with a night of recognition in the nice town of Ipswich located in the tree filled northern part of Mass.

Principal Fabrizio sent a letter informing parents that Honors Night will be cancelled.  He feels other kids who have not hit the mark/s will have their feelings hurt and worlds destroyed to the point they will not even be able text at their dinner tables anymore for fear of using bad English. 

I’ve never been in danger of missing prime-time television in order to receive such accolades.  I do however believe in accomplishments being recognized, yes honored.  These kids worked hard, made the grade and stayed away from other distractions.  They have watched others before them get the invite to Honors Night.  Siblings, math team, debate team members and others all got to bring their parents to a night they truly earned.  There is that word again…earned. 

We are now a society where everyone gets a trophy.  I played sports, participated in debate and earned a couple of trophies. However, the times I participated vs. the times I was recognized are vast in difference.  I was part of a team and some individuals got recognition for being great.  Most of us didn’t but we relished being part of a team whether we won or not. 

What is wrong with giving kids and adults for that matter something to strive for? When did trying to emulate someone and maybe falling a bit short become such a concern for our children’s delicate feelings?  There is a reason for the carrot to be tied to the very end of the stick.  It gives our kids something to strive for.  If they don’t get honored tonight, maybe this time next year they will have gone an extra mile or 2 and made the grade. 

I congratulate and admire those who have chosen a path and done well be it academics, sports, the arts, or wherever one finds their voice or passion.  Maybe it won’t be recognized today or in a traditional sense but we cannot let this warped view all inclusiveness rob us from striving for excellence. If you want all inclusive, go to a  Sandals Resort destination. Otherwise, we help kids find what they are good at or maybe not so good but enjoy and help them attain gratification with or without a trophy.  For those who have indeed earned the trophies and Honors Nights, I say congratulations and please continue to set a good example.  Maybe my kid will take notice and want to be there with you.

Picture of Crying Kid: Google Images
Credit: Subtle Kate Macabre but Sweet

5 thoughts on “Ipswich Honors Night Dishonored, Hurt Feelings Blamed

  1. Wholeheartedly agree with you! Sends entirely the wrong message to all students! Honors or not! Don’t worry you don’t need to work hard….everyone gets a trophy!! Ridiculous!!

  2. I am 100% in agreement with everything you just said!  Laughed out loud at a couple of your remarks.  I have never understood the heaping of praise on a kid for practically nothing – acting as if he or she had just obtained an Olympian accomplishment – just couldn’t get there.  It really isn’t fair to the kid who justifiably deserves the accolades, or maybe 2nd or 3rd in line.   Well put!  xo, Mom

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