Well…should I do it???

I got this e-mailed to me last night.  I must be on a mailing list entitled ” The Worlds’ Biggest Morons.

In my mail box it just said “sales” for the subject.  Being a sales guy, among other things I opened said e-mail and here’s what I got: “Respect my last wish”

I am Leela Kidwell,I WILL/DONATE $24,500,000 the sum of to you for you to use for the good work of the Lord, Contact my lawyer with this email:gilbertm@rogers.com

Aquest missatge pot contenir informació confidencial i/o privilegiada. Si no en sou el destinatari o una persona expressament autoritzada per rebre’l, no l’heu d’utilitzar, copiar, reenviar o distribuir, ni heu disposar, de la manera que sigui, de la informació que inclou. Si heu rebut aquest missatge per error, si us plau, feu-ho saber a l’emissor mitjançant una resposta immediata i esborreu-lo. Moltes gràcies.

Este mensaje puede contener información confidencial y/o privilegiada. Si no es su destinatario o una persona expresamente autorizada para recibirlo no lo debe utilizar, copiar, reenviar o distribuir, ni disponer, de la manera que sea, de la información que contiene. Si ha recibido este mensaje por error, por favor, hágalo saber al emisor mediante una respuesta inmediata y bórrelo. Muchas gracias.

Ok folks….me again.  Now Leela was kind enough to provide these instructions in English, Spanish and I believe Portugese….the Brazilian not the Portugal.  PLUS she provided an actual attorney…Named Gilbert Rogers.  Anyone named Gilbert has GOT to be legit right?

So all I have to do is the Lord’s work.  Now, I am assuming she means Christ it being the season and all,  but what if it is some dark lord like Darth Vader or something? What about Little Lord Fontelroy or some English Lord from the House of Lords?  LORD HELP ME! 

Well I guess I need to contact Gilbert M. Rogers Attorney at Law thru the handy little link Leela provided me in my own special tri-lingual e-mail and do my due dilligence.  Which Lord will I be serving and what does he need done?  Lets get this party started so I can get my 24 mill! Can women be Lords?  No matter….I am here to serve. 

Before I jump in head first though I figured I would seek council from my fellow bloggers and my friends over at this new thing the kids are into called Facebook.  They’ll know what to do.  I hope this isn’t a scam….cant be right?  Came from the rich client of a real live attorney….with a link to the world wide web!

Wish me luck and feel free to advise….

Your Pal Always,




14 thoughts on “Well…should I do it???

  1. I just received the message below from NAGY, Attila and did not reply:

    I have decided to Will/Donate the sum of $12 Million US Dollars to you for the work of humanity, for more info contact Attorney Gilbert Rogers on email: gilbertlawfirm3@rogers.com

    • I cant imagine why not! LOL…yup…thats the one. Sorry to respond so late….only a month. This little wordpress blog has gotten me super busy with some writing gigs so I can never get back here to write my own stuff! I appreciate you sharing that!

  2. This is interesting! Darrell Demars has just emailed me that he is leaving me $12,000,000 “for the good of humanity.” His attorney is Gilbert Rogers! (gilbertlawfirm2@rogers.com) He must get around!

    • They say my 12 mill is on the way so getting really excited! LOL. Sorry not to respond sooner, this little blog of mine spurred a lot of paid writing gigs and now I am too busy to get back here very often.

      Appreciate you sending this….what a riot!

    • It didn’t escape me…..can you send me Patty’s email and cell phone…..just email it to me? She called me New Yrs. Eve and I did what she told me to do on my end but to no avail…….Can you get on the Web-site? Have you tried?

  3. I am General Richard D. Boyd jr I got the E-Mail and Paid Attention because I know its Real
    My computer I made has never lied to me before, God only know the $24 Million Belongs in my godly Hands, Bless all . I have Taken this Donation to be true and all funds shall be recovered by Reciever Richard D. Boyd jr With out further delay Case Closed , arragenment $24,000,000.00

  4. Finally, I can follow your every word in Blog form, each word bringing more meaning to my life. Let’s discontinue our in person relationship immediately.

  5. I think they did a movie about Facebook. Thing is they never really explained what it is. What they heck? Anyways, I think the scam, uh email is legit. Just provide them with your bank account and they will send you the millions.

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