Lost and Found? Bringing hope to those of us who lose stuff.

I got a call from Chris as he had seen the blog from way up in Vancouver and liked it. He called to thank me and I just thought wow….just a great guy and great organization. Had never met or spoke to him before….Merry Everything!

Fitzy's Focus

As a part-time stay at home Dad due to some unemployment and slow times, I have been cruising around www.craigslist.com looking for odd jobs, sales positions, a new rug and perhaps an exotic pet.   Last Thursday was one of those days.

Even after being on C.L. dozens of times I started taking notice of just how big the site actually is and all it had to offer.  I poured some more coffee and for some reason decided to check out the lost and found section.  I hadn’t  lost anything with the exception of my pride and Gerber Multi-Tool which I know is around here somewhere, just mis-placed.  That said, I hadn’t found anything either including Christmas spirit. Bah..

Anyway,  WOW…..people lose a lot of stuff and some of it extremely valuable like engagement rings, wedding bands, pets, grandma’s broach, Dad’s class ring from Holy Cross in 49 and on and on. 

As you…

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